The Nacho Bar

On the Heuvel you will now find a new establishment where you can enjoy fine dining and drinks.

The menu features street food dishes and homemade nachos that are perfect for sharing. Order a cocktail from the extensive cocktail menu and it promises to be a wonderful evening in Mexican style. We are of course talking about The Nacho Bar! 

Ticket to Tilburg visited owner Charles Veerkamp and asked him what makes The Nacho Bar so special and why you should definitely visit this new hotspot in Tilburg.

"People come to The Nacho Bar to enjoy the nachos, cocktails, street food and the setting. At ours you can experience the siesta vibes and have a wonderful night out." 

The menu features as many as seven different types of nachos! Do you also have something typical Tilburg.

"Typically Tilburg is the (0)13 meter long bar where you can order delicious cocktails."