Honest and artisanal products, literally found at "the maker. Whether you're looking for an original gift, unusual plants, want to treat yourself or check out the work of a new artist: there's always something to discover at VANDEMAKER.

Who is behind VANDERMAKER?

"VANDEMAKER is run by me, Suuz van de Vaart. I have a nice team in the store with whom I enthusiastically tell our customers the stories behind the products. But VANDEMAKER would be nowhere without the 71 makers/entrepreneurs represented in the store. ;)  

What is your specialty?

"VANDEMAKER is a creative concept store where you can find honest and original products from (local) makers. Products made with love, behind every product there is a story!"

What do people come to your store for?

"To find original gifts and cards for themselves or someone else. Because our assortment is so varied and new makers can be found in the store every month, it is always exciting to walk in and discover new items." 

What is typically Tilburg about your store?

"Many products in the store are made by local makers. For example, we have leather key chains with Tilburg texts from Atelier Leermakers, beautiful wooden lamps and boxes from Henk's Wood and sturdy drum clocks from Berben Design. All of them genuine Tilburg makers."

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