Gianotten Mutsaers

Gianotten Mutsaers is so much more than just a bookstore. With a rich assortment of books, many living rooms and a lunch café, this is a place where you can unwind. From young to old, everyone can come here.

A good book and a delicious lunch. Ticket to Tilburg doesn't say no to that. Time for a visit to the beautiful bookstore of Ruud and Marlous at the Emmapassage.

Who owns this beautiful store?

Ruud: " We do, Ruud and Marlous. Gianotten Mutsaers is a real family business in Tilburg. Marlous has been working in the book trade since 1976, when it was still called Boekhandel Gianotten. I started as a bookseller in 2001. In 2014 we decided to take over the bookstore. We know the store like the back of our hand and have enjoyed sharing our knowledge about books with our visitors for years."

What is special about your store?

Marlous: "Gianotten Mutsaers is the bookstore of Tilburg. Our store of over 800 m2 was given a completely new look in January 2020. 'Let yourself be amazed' is written on our door and that is what you do here, with a good book and a cup of coffee disappear for a moment into another world."

What do people come to Gianotten Mutsaers for?

Ruud: "All sorts of things! They come for the latest young adult to literature, finger-licking cookbooks and treasures from the second-hand book corner, we have it all. A huge wall of magazines, a cute children's book section and a big table with Tilburg books."

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