Schouwburg concertzaal Tilburg x Cultuurroute013

During Cultuurroute013 you can get to know Metro: the new hotspot of the young creative platform T*Agency. You can find Metro in the basement of Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg. Free entrance from 17:00 - 19:00.


At Metro, young Tilburg citizens will work on various interesting themes in relation to the future of the city. You can think of themes such as greening, identity, digitalisation, mobility and urban development. Metro is the place where young people themselves can organise creative sessions, meet-ups, podcasts and workshops that touch on these themes.

Soon, T*Agency will start working on the cultural infrastructure of Tilburg. What is going on in the city? Where can one go for subsidies? Where do you meet like-minded people? And how do you make sure that young Tilburgians know where to go?

During Cultuurroute013 you can drop by to leave your own ideas behind regarding the cultural infrastructure or you can already think along about interesting themes that can be developed into a programme at a later stage.