Light expierence x Cultuurroute013

Look up during the Cultuurroute013. On the windows above the Peanut Butter Shop (Heuvelstraat 57) appears a light expierence! The visuals are made by Jim van den Berg. To be seen from 17:00 - 01:00 hours.

And if you're smart you can also visit location 7: FEBO x Pakje kunst. Snacking and art! The perfect pit stop right?

Light expierence

Jim van den Berg is a Tilburg-based Light and Multimedia artist.
In his work he likes to take you into an intuitive colorful experience of moving images.

For him as a maker his work is a search for innovative techniques and materials to give his work depth. 
This is often expressed in experiments with a combination of analogue work and digital media. 


Visual Jim van de Berg
  • Visual Jim van de Berg