FEBO x Pakje Kunst

Crispy art, with the collaboration between FEBO x Pakje Kunst x Cultuurroute013 you pull art right out of the wall! The perfect pit stop during the route to snack and marvel at art in a package.

Between 17:00 - 20:00 pull art from the FEBO wall.


During the Cultuurroute013, you can pick up a Pack of Art named 'Pakje Kunst' for an evening for €4,- from the snack wall (the participating local artists will receive €3 from this). Out of curiosity, as a gift for a friend, as something extra with a bunch of flowers or bottle of wine, as something special, as a collector's item, you name it. Beware! Art can surprise, confuse, move, irritate, et cetera. In order to fully grasp it, art needs an incubation period.

Pakje Kunst is an initiative of Ro-Nalt Schrauwen, visual artist from Tilburg. In December 2016, the first three vending machines were put into operation in Tilburg. Meanwhile, this number has grown to 52 vending machines spread across 36 cities in the Netherlands and more than 1000 artists are participating.