Ateliers Tilburg x Cultuurroute013

Stichting Ateliers Tilburg (SAT) is a non-profit organisation that works together with the municipality of Tilburg to provide (professional) artists and creative entrepreneurs with affordable work space in Tilburg. With that aim in mind, Ateliers Tilburg has been developing, managing and letting cultural real estate in Tilburg since 2004. This has already led to a considerable growth in the number of buildings and studios in the city, which is also necessary. Tilburg is a City of Makers. There must therefore be places where things can be done. And where the made can be seen. Besides renting out spaces, SAT is also developing itself as a platform for makers and is working on building a strong on- and offline community.


During Cultuurroute013, the residents of the Ateliers Tilburg building will be exhibiting their work in the former Tilburg courthouse. The shop windows on the street side provide a good stage for highlighting art. Check it out?

The creators:

  • Abdalkader Abdalwahed
  • Bas Horsten
  • Bas van Steensel
  • Culture Drip
  • Darnisha Daniel
  • Diantha Struijk
  • Malou Liebregts
  • Noor Kneefel
  • Remi van Herpen