From Rough to Fantastic

What once was a place of diligent work is now the valhalla for creative types and epicureans. Tilburg is under development!
In the Spoorzone, we show you how proud we are of our history. Here we fuse old and new, rough and refined, residing, working and living. Like in the Puishaven, where daily life flows seamlessly into leisure time. A dyed in the wool Tilburg as a feel-good environment. Inner-city developments that never stop and Tilburgers who speak of their city with pride. Tilburg is growing and thriving like never before.

Experience the transition

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The Piushaven, vibrant and dynamic

Shopping heart of Brabant

Discover it in the AaBe factory

Spoorpark rondleiding november 2018

Spoorpark rondleiding november 2018

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Spoorpark Tilburg

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