In a short period, Joachim Liebens, frontman of The Haunted Youth, along with his band, has rapidly risen to the top of the Belgian indie scene.

With dreamy songs filled with guitars, synths, and melancholic lyrics about all the despair life brings, the band provides pure escapism in the form of indie, psych-pop, and shoegaze. After a tumultuous childhood and even more tumultuous teenage years, during which Liebens was constantly the outsider within his own life, he decided to experiment with music and substances. However, Liebens never sought just the high, and that is evident in his songs, which he has described as a "teddy bear made of barbed wire." If you want to immerse yourself completely in all the misery or if you're a fan of bands like The Cure, Slowdive, MGMT, and DIIV, then The Haunted Youth is definitely something for you.


  • Thursday the 14th of december 2023 at 19:30