De Nachtzuster x De Vakbroeders: kaleidoscoop

Have you ever heard of Simon & Storm at all? Do you have any idea who they are when you look at those two names? And maybe you know them, but what do you know then? Is that really who they are? "OH, YES! FROM CHICKEN RAGOUT!" But who are these fused individuals next to their modest classics?

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Together, Storm & Simon attempt to define themselves through a mix of old and new material, many friends, the esteemed audience, throw in a trombone, a drum kit, and if luck is on their side, a coffee maker. What is the end result? Probably very overstimulating and guaranteed to be quite an experience. A musical-cabaret-evening-festival-event. Be there.

Simon & Storm have already graduated from the theater academy and have been a musical duo for a year. Miraculously, they've managed to secure another stage. Under the guidance of performer/theater maker Rebecca Schoolmeesters, they create an evening program that feels like a festival.