Cowboy Billie Boem and Santa Claus have known each other for years, and during the period that Santa is in the Netherlands, he always pays a visit to the musical cowboy. They prefer to meet at places where many children gather, so they can all enjoy.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

The two friends for children create a cozy afternoon every year filled with stories and songs. The accompanying Pieten (helpers) jump around with joy, scatter pepernoten (traditional Dutch spiced cookies), and turn it into a grand celebration. After bidding farewell to his friend, Sinterklaas always lingers a bit longer to chat with the children.

Cowboy Billie Boem and Sinterklaas is an interactive performance, followed by a gathering where Sinterklaas and his helpers pay extra attention to the children. A 'traditional' Sinterklaas afternoon, a time for the children to revel in!

Age: 3+