VFest, a celebration of the vulva

VFest celebrates the vulva! Explicitly, in a safe space and for all genders. With or without vulva.Together we celebrate freedom of body, gender and sexuality.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Featuring a diverse expo full of work by body positive artists and an evening of performance art, spoken word, live music and dance, dance, dance!

The vulva: we know too little about it and what we know is often incorrect and incomplete. We sometimes feel ashamed of it, worry about whether 'it's all right there' and get misinformation from all sorts of quarters. Knowledge is power and there is too little of it. We are done with that! Time for a shamelessly positive vision of the vulva. Empower the V!

Including Sewing Zone, Playful Collective, Pussy Power, Eleni Ploumi, Simic, Katha Strophies, Fantastic Moist Foeven, Mirusi Mergina, Maja Irene Bolier, FRKA, Puk van de Wouw and more. The expo can be seen from 21 November to 24 November.