"This is what I want to do for the rest of my life." That is what Sliedrecht-based SERA was thinking when she got to give her very first ever live performance at a suprise party by none other than Christiano Ronaldo.

The pop star-to-be became famous by recording covers of well-known pop songs in her car, and sharing them via TikTok, Instagram and YouTube where she now has thousands of followers. So when Justin Bieber, one of SERA's big idols, decided to join her during a livestream, the gate was opened. Within no time, SERA's fan base grew and Georgina Rodriguez, the wife of footballer Christiano Ronaldo, also got in touch with the young Dutchwoman as a result. Having covered many a pop star, SERA now makes her own pop music with none other than Bas van Daalen, reflecting her personality: unpolished, cheerful, disarming and with lots of good vibes. Her singles 'Take A Chance', 'Only Us', 'She Kissed Me First' and 'Head Held High' promise a wonderful evening of dancing and singing along.


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