Pop Up Cinema - Where are you, Adam?

Pop Up Cinema Foundation will screen the documentary "Where are you, Adam?" with a Q&A afterwards on Tuesday night, Dec. 13, in collaboration with de Nachtzuster.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

This film by Ukrainian filmmakers takes you into the monastic life in a monastery on the Greek peninsula of Athos.

"Where are you, Adam?" is a unique film project by Alexander Plyska and Alexander Zaporoshchenko. Zaporoshchenko spent time living with the monks at Athos, gaining unique access to centuries-old monastic life not normally accessible to outsiders. 
The filmmakers spent 10 years making this documentary possible and four years filming and editing the extraordinary footage. The end result is a fascinating insight into a completely unparalleled way of life within a thriving monastic community in the middle of the twenty-first century. 
 Following the film, there will be a conversation and Q&A with Ukrainian Katia Novikova. Katia is committed to organizing screenings of this documentary.