Casual Classics | HanzeOrkest Zwolle

With Casual Classics, we open our doors to everyone who wants to (re)experience a classical concert. The admission is only €4 - you only pay the service fee - the concert lasts one hour, and you can take your drink into the hall.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

The HanzeOrkest is the symphony orchestra for advanced amateur musicians from the Zwolle region. It consists of professional musicians and highly skilled amateurs and is conducted by conductor Frank Adams. During this edition of Casual Classics, the orchestra performs Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. In 1824, the composer turned the world upside down during the first performance of his Ninth Symphony in Vienna. He revolutionized the genre of the symphony in a radical way and made music history, all while being completely deaf. The composer from Bonn added the human voice and had the vocalists sing an adaptation of Schiller's poetic lines, "Ode to Joy." In a dynamic piece, presented with an impressively large orchestra and choir, Beethoven delivered a message of fraternity that remains urgent to this day: "All men become brothers."