Frank van Pamelen Bravogeroep

On Sunday 27 September, Frank van Pamelen will present his latest book Bravogeroep en enthusiast flute at Gianotten Mutsaers. Between 2 and 4 pm he surprises our visitors with a number of small performances.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Frank van Pamelen has been in the theater for twenty-five years now. He conjures with language. He swirls with words. He was once discovered by Drs. P and Driek van Wissen, he is now an indispensable "rhyme phenomenon" (de Volkskrant) that "excels in language virtuosity" (Trouw). Bravo cries and enthusiastic whistles is an overview of his oeuvre. A nice mix of old classics and new inventions. Pointed poems, bouncing stunt rhyme and self-invented verse forms, alternated with ollekebollekes, visual sonnets and moving lyrics. The fun splashes from the pages. Frank van Pamelen "conjures with language like Johan Cruijff could with the ball" (AD). Not only on stage, but also on paper.

"Van Pamelen belongs to the absolute top of the light verse." - de Volkskrant

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