Oroonoko - Orkater/De Nieuwkomers: UMA

Oroonoko is a harrowing battle against the inescapable, in the form of a musical epic. Can you escape the life story written for you?

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Oroonoko is a young Ghanaian prince struggling with a bleeding heart - his beloved Imoinda has been murdered, he thinks. Through a ruse, the prince is captured and chained on a WIC ship, where he faces his disastrous future, enslaved.

What follows is an unexpected reunion between lovers, unexpected friendships in the Surinamese jungle and a revolt against human destiny.

UMA creates experimental musical theater in which Surinamese kawina, Western 17th century court music and modern electronic beats blend effortlessly. The music made during the same period, on two sides of the ocean, are (apparently) particularly compatible.

Aphra Behn was the first female writer who could make a living from her pen. As a tragedy, her novella Oroonoko, the Royal Slave is not inferior to Romeo and Juliet and Othello.

UMA is making a radical adaptation of the novella, in which the characters confront their writer.