Stippenlift Christmas Show

Finished talking to your therapist? Here's Stippenlift!

Singer and producer Hugo van de Poel does not just make music, he makes depriwave. A genre he invented himself, because his music cannot be captured in existing terms. He mixes his frank, melancholy lyrics about the emptiness of existence, depression and crying fits with upbeat, electronic music with lots of synths. The bittersweet cocktail you then get is Stippenlift.

Besides his LP 'Dit Is Stippenlift' and his EPs 'Gender, De Rivier' and 'Sip', he released the cult record 'Chaos In Het Universum' with Faberyayo. In his own unique way, Stippenlift breaks many a stigma. For many outcasts he is a plaster on the incurable wound.


  • Sunday the 18th of december 2022 at 20:00