The Great Go Normal Show - Stormkamer

On Tuesday, September 27, Stormkamer company will take the stage at the Schouwburg in Tilburg with The Great Go Normal Show.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Good education. Check. Great job. Check. Nice relationship. Check. Common sense. Bingo! We have imposed on ourselves a set of criteria that measure how successful you are. The norm. We want to be normal and continuously check off lists. Our lives have become a knockout race, a talent show. Every day you have to perform in a new audition. Are you eliminated in the second round? Then you deviate from the norm.

The Stormkamer company has spent a year researching how we deal with deviant behaviour. Director Hanna van Mourik Broekman talked to experts from psychiatry and experts by experience in the field of disturbed behavior. In The Great Go Normal Show Hanna and a group of actors tackle the norm. How many boxes can you tick on your do-normal-bingo card?