Kultura in de steeg

Kultura in the alley

Since 2019, Kultura has been providing the most eclectic dance evenings in the south with a fine mix of the most danceable World music and sexy Ethnotronica. Ranging from Chilean Wave and Bulgarian Space Disco to Brazilian Electro and Bollywood Boogie.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

On Sunday September 27th, the founders, Kultura Soundsystem, will come and see you their music for 5 hours! From Gin Fizz you can order the tastiest international bites. From the kitchen you can order Falafel, nachos, bruschetta or dumplings. For € 15.00 you can taste three dishes. Put together your own board and come and enjoy Gin Fizz in the alley!

For more information or to show interest visit the facebook page www.facebook.com/events/2721538088121158.