Factorium Opening day

Factorium is going outside! It is time for a brand new season. For fresh air under the wings of all the up-and-coming talent and through the heads of all the enthusiast-artists.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

On 12 September Factorium will kick off the new season with you, in collaboration with 'De vloer op' from deDansPunt! They will do this by putting all disciplines, all jewels, in an open showcase. The diamonds have to come out. Come and see all the wonderful things on the square in front of and in the Factorium garden (Vrijheidspark) and the Muzetuin!

Are you also eager to polish your inner-crystal? Then be sure to join in! The red carpet will be rolled out for you, you will be taken backstage and put in the spotlight. At Factorium you are the star!

Stay tuned! More info will follow.