Cirque Wintercircus dinnershow

On Nov. 26, the second dinner show of Zjuu's Winter Circus will take place in collaboration with Lion Eagle Productions.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

You will enter a theater where you will be served the first drink and snack. A theater of entertainment and spectacular acts including dance and acrobatics! During this evening we will serve a 3 to 4-course menu, top wines and delicious side dishes. And to top it all off, the feet will be off the floor while we have another drink to end the evening together!

Would you like to enjoy an evening of entertainment, drinks, various amuses and a 3 to 4-course menu? Book your tickets for the dinner show CIRQUE NOW at


Zjuu Brunch & Borrelbar
Professor van Buchemlaan 4
5022 KB Tilburg
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