Hoge Gnomen vangen veel Wind

Astral plane, gnomecore, pointed hat, La Chouffe, King Kyrië, mushroom.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

"They are the happiness that suddenly appears and turns paths, Like a sock that was lost for a while but will suddenly return. Gnomes, mysterious forces, enrich our existence, Indescribable, intangible, yet indispensable, always near. Honor them, respect them, for their power is great, Those who underestimate them find themselves suddenly alone, in emptiness, in need. Let them flourish, let them dwell with you, In trust, in honor, receiving and giving their blessings. Mutual gratitude, in this enchanted atmosphere, Where gnomes live, here, with you, again and again."

Bas Kauffman brings you the ultimate gnome experience on April 5th. Come see it yourself!