Try Not To Know What You Know

In the impressive and physical theatre performance Try Not To Know What You Know, Merel Severs and Milou van Duijnhoven step into a self-constructed arena, exploring both the desire and aversion for heroism.

They let go of what they think they know and make a new proposal; in constant motion, transformative, fluid and ambiguous. Playing with martial arts, destruction, creation and everything in between, they try to free themselves from the conditioned body where violence seems to win out over connection. In a constant alternation between being and not being in contact with themselves and the other, they scan a universe where they turn the limited image formation inside out with unheard voices. What do they want to move in today's world?

Fighting films with Jean Claude van Damme, Bruce Lee or Sylvester Stallone. Loners who made the world a safer place with brawn, belligerence and blows. Who didn't want to be such a hero back in the day? An ode to the strength and vulnerability of being human.


  • Wednesday the 6th of december 2023 at 20:30