God is Bored - Theatergroup Het Gevallen Land

What would happen if we were to wander into the dark basements of the human soul? Would you like to see what is hiding behind the skirting boards? God Bored. A black comedy with witty and lyrical lyrics.

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Theatergroep Het Gevallen Land is an amateur theater company from Tilburg. In 2018, we presented our first production Je Suis Ophélie at Theater De Nieuwe Vorst. In 2019 we played the location performance LES AUTRES in farmer Kees' meadow and the performance Donker in LOFT. In 2020, we were ready to perform Gelul en iets met katten, but due to the global pandemic it never got to the stage. In 2022, in collaboration with Studio Lisah&Tegest, we presented the 24-Hour Project: Alice in Wonderland.


Mariëngaarde Kapel
Burgemeester Damstraat 7
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