Big December action Korvel and Besterd

'Plak en Pak' €10,000 in prize money on shopping ribbons Korvel and Besterd!

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

The Tilburg shopping ribbons are organizing a very special promotion this year. Save stamps with your purchase at shopping ribbons Korvel and Besterd and have a chance to win one of 400 vouchers of € 25. There is a total prize pool of € 10,000 in vouchers, which will be raffled off among all the savings cards turned in. Saving is easy! For every purchase from € 10,- on shopping ribbons Korvel and Besterd you receive one stamp. You can hand in your full card (5 stamps) at one of the participating stores, which can be recognized by the 'Plak en Pak' action poster. The whole month of December you can save, in January is the draw and all vouchers are raffled. All game rules can be found on the savings card. The cards are available at all participating stores, identified by the action poster.