World Premiere Oorkaan

On Saturday, March 2nd, the Oorkaan Ensemble will experience the world premiere of "Tempo" at the Schouwburg Concert Hall in Tilburg. The family concert is filled with beautiful and timeless music for children aged 7 and above.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Renowned composer Martijn Padding has specially composed a new piece for "Tempo," which will be performed during the premiere. The Oorkaan Ensemble consists of four young musicians of international top level. Together, they bring great composers to young ears. In 'Tempo,' the Oorkaan Ensemble performs Western classical music, from Beethoven to Brahms and Vivaldi. During the theatrical concert, rhythms fly around you, and all (young) listeners enjoy unexpected twists and surprising musical levels.

Accessibility: Please note! The accessibility of the Schouwburg Concert Hall may change continuously, depending on the construction work on the Stadsforum.