Walking Nine Lives

Come to the sustainable and inclusive fashion show Walking Nine Lives 27 February 19:00 at the Hall of Fame! Expect second-hand clothes and models representing people like you.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Walking Nine Lives (W9L) is a catwalk fashion show with two main themes: making fashion more inclusive and more sustainable. Normally, a catwalk is a presentation of new, conceptual garments. However, at W9L the spotlight is precisely on second-hand clothes, promoting new appreciation for forgotten garments in the can. 

With clothes from Reshare Store, Tante Pollewop and donated clothes from your own closet, W9L is starting a counter-movement in a world of fast fashion. And they are doing so with models of all sizes and ages. 

It will be an evening filled with:
- second-hand fashion
- fashion designers
- models representing people like you
- printing designs on your old clothes
- dance
- live DJ