Op techniek na schooltijd

Discoverystation 013 Technicalday

Discoverstation013 starts from October 1 with an after-school activity: the Discovery Club. The purpose of the Discovery Club is to give even more children the opportunity to be involved with technology and to discover what you can do with it.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Children can now also "use" technique after school. That is new in Tilburg and something different from sports, music or culture. Children get to work with film technique, making technique and scientific principles. Of course in a way that suits their age.

What are they going to do, for example? Building a bridge, causing a chain reaction, making a film with the help of a green screen, etc. For 8 weeks, there is an activity every afternoon around the theme 'science & technology'. Children from 6 years old who like to try new things can participate.

To register, mail to info@ontdekstation013.nl